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Admirable Boletes, angel wings, boletes, cauliflower mushroom, chanterelles, Chicken of the Woods, Club Mushroom, Coral Mushroom, Elfin Saddle, fall mushrooms, Fat Jacks, Gifford Pinchot National Forest, golden chanterelles, hedgehogs, Lobster Mushroom, lobsters, mushroom hunt, Oyster Mushrooms, Puffball Mushrooms, Radagast, Ramaria, shaggy ink cap, shaggy mane, Shaggy Parasols, Slippery Jacks -

Our Fall 2023 mushroom forays in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest have been spectacular, yielding Golden Chanterelles, Lobsters, King Boletes, Admirable Boletes, Fat Jacks, Slipper Jacks, Cauliflower Mushrooms, Hedgehogs, Shaggy Mane, Shaggy Parasols, Angel Wings, Oysters, Chicken of the Woods, Pig's Ears, and Fluted Black Elfin Saddle, among many others.

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Angel Wings, Boletes, cauliflower mushroom, Chanterelles, Chicken of the Woods, Club mushroom, Coral mushroom, fall mushrooms, Gifford Pinchot National Forest, golden chanterelles, Lobster mushroom, mushroom hunt, national forests, Oyster, Oyster Mushrooms, Puffball Mushrooms, Sparassis crispa -

Our first official Fall forays of 2023 occurred in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest last weekend. And one of them started off with a rare find -- Sparassis crispa, the highly sought-after Cauliflower Mushroom! These grow at the base of dying fir trees. When cleaned and chunked the flesh is reminiscent (in appearance) of egg noodles. They are typically between 1-10 pounds in size (though finds as big as 100 pounds have been recorded). This was was just over 2 pounds, which snugly fills a one-gallon baggy. I'll be trying recipes this week and let you know my favorite. Deep...

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Blue Chanterelle, Club Mushroom, Coral Mushroom, polypores -

When we hunt, we are focused on specific things we know and want to harvest: Golden Chanterelles, Morels, Lions Mane, Chicken of the Woods, Hedgehogs, Lobsters, Oysters, etc. But part of the joy of mushroom hunting is also discovery of the unknown. When my son and I lead groups down into the Gifford Pinchot, during a typical foray we may see 60 or 70 different varieties of mushrooms, of all sizes, shapes, colors, etc. Our new hunt participants almost always stop at the first interesting mushroom they see, and exult: "What is it? It's beautiful! Can we eat it?" And...

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