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Honey Mushroom, Humongous Fungus, Malheur National Forest -

Our Fall Mushroom Tour 2019 saw us cover more than 7,500 miles of the USA in search of mushrooms. The first of three, this blog covers the outbound leg of our tour from Washington to Pennsylvania.

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Armillaria ostoyae, Honey Mushroom, Humongous Fungus -

On October 9 we headed out for a 3,444-mile foray across the northern U.S., from west to east, to visit national forests and see the mushroom sites. (Along the way my son-in-law Mike and I also stopped at 8 coffee roasters and a half dozen brew pubs. Mike is a true coffee connoisseur, and the daily caffeine overdose was a small price to pay for his extremely helpful participation in my schemes.) First stop on our seven-day itinerary was the Malheur National Forest in northeast Oregon, home of the world's largest single living organism, an Armillaria ostoyae (Honey Mushroom) infestation in...

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