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We've covered where to hunt and when to hunt ... now it's time to talk about preparing for how to hunt. My son Nathan and I have been leading groups into the forests for the past five years or so, teaching them how to hunt for wild mushrooms. As a result of this, and the experiences we've had, I've developed a fairly extensive checklist. Hunting in the forest can be dangerous. Here are some of the hazards, prioritized according to what I feel is the greatest ot the least risk: 1) Getting lost. It is so easy to get lost...

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In my last blog post, I addressed where to hunt, and the difference (here in Washington State) between national parks, national forests, state forests, and private land, and the requirements for hunting on each.In this post I'd like to address the question of WHEN to hunt. Here in the Northwest, there are two times of the year most fruitful for hunting mushrooms: Spring, and Fall. Spring Mushrooms In the Spring, it's pretty much just about morels. Between April and July, the morels pop out. There are very few morels to be found here in the Western Washington / Puget Sound...

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One of my favorite fall hunting grounds is in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest, about an hour or so south of my home in the great State of Washington. Here we usually hunt in rainforest at the foothills of the magnificent Mt. Rainier, typically at the 2,000-3,000 foot elevation.In many national forests here in the Northwest, while limits are stated and enforced for hobby hunters (typically 3 gallons per day maximum), permits aren't required. The Gifford-Pinchot (filling the space between the triad of volcanoes, Mt. Rainier, Mt. St. Helens, and Mt. Hood) is an exception. A "free forest products use"...

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