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Our first official Fall forays of 2023 occurred in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest last weekend. And one of them started off with a rare find -- Sparassis crispa, the highly sought-after Cauliflower Mushroom! These grow at the base of dying fir trees. When cleaned and chunked the flesh is reminiscent (in appearance) of egg noodles. They are typically between 1-10 pounds in size (though finds as big as 100 pounds have been recorded). This was was just over 2 pounds, which snugly fills a one-gallon baggy. I'll be trying recipes this week and let you know my favorite. Deep...

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I have to interrupt my current obsession with Golden Chanterelles to chat briefly about some wonderful new mushrooms I tried yesterday. I was running an errand in Tacoma and saw an H-Mart. If you're not familiar with the big H, it's a large Asian supermarket chain. They carry all kinds of weird (from my Gringo viewpoint, at any rate) and wonderful things. And LOTS OF exotic mushrooms, in addition to the normal (boring) white button variety, and criminis. When I saw the H, my brain whispered: "Matsutakes!" In case you've never tried Matsutake, which I think is synonymous with "Pine...

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